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Reading Polish language books with children in bilingual families can also help the English parent to improve their Polish, especially where the characters are familiar.

See also our page on Polish audio books for children because this will give the child the correct grammar and pronunciation and equally help the English-speaking parent to improve their own knowledge of this very difficult language.

Bob the Builder:  Bob goes to sleep

Bob has had a long and busy day. Wish him well with his crew throughout the night!

Available from Ksiazka from Ksiazka for £4.80

Ksiazka has over ten more in this series of books starting from £3.90

Charlie & Lola: after all, this is my birthday!

Charlie is having a birthday party and inviting his friends, but will Lola behave herself properly?

Available from Ksiazka for £7.50

This is one of a series of 9 other books plus a few of Clarice Bean by the same author available from Ksiazka.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Like other dogs, Clifford sometimes chases cars, but unlike other dogs, Clifford always catches up with them. Like other dogs, Clifford digs holes in the back garden and could knock down a tree! Like other dogs, Clifford likes chasing cats, but the only large, like lions!

Available from Ksiazka for £6.90

This is one of 10 books listed in Ksiazka starting at £2.90

In the Night Garden: Fun

Run, jump and dance with Iggle Piggle and his friends.

Available from Ksiazka for £4.80

This is one of a series from this children’s favourite starting at £3.90.

My Little Pony: Surprise Balloon

Read about your favourite pony in this collection.  Available from Ksiazka for £5.40

There are another 4 in this series of books from £3.90

Winnie the Pooh: Back to the Hundred Acre Wood

The first official edition of the immensely popular children’s books, created in the 20s Twentieth century by A.A. Milne: Winnie the Pooh and his friends: Piglet, Tiger, Kanga and Eeyore with Roo.

Available from Ksiazka for £11.90

A search on Kubuś Puchatek reveals 25 books starting from £3.90.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Sing along with Thomas and friends with this musical book.

Available from Ksiazka for £11.90

A search on Tomek i przyjaciele reveals 17 options for books for Thomas starting from £3.30

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